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How we do some of that “Good Stuff”...

Suggestion #1 — Freedom From Clutter & Chaos

Calling De Clutter Bug is the first step in your journey to freedom from clutter and chaos in your home or office...

We will help you set priorities and put the brakes on the accumulation of “stuff” that keeps you stuck in a cycle of procrastination!

We have been “decluttering” clients for years and have recently joined the BNI Networking group as another way to reach out and help the masses!

We can help you to reorganize your space (large or small) into a place that will make you happy, healthy and more productive.

Suggestion #2 — No Job Is Too HUUUGE...

No Project is too Large/Small...

Our Normal Rates or a Custom Quote supplied upon request.
CONFIDENTIALITY is paramount and your privacy will be respected.
Whatever we encounter in the closet, stays in the closet.

Our promise is that we will never discuss your belongings in a disrespectful way.

Suggestion #3 — Call today... and talk to us about how we can help you.

Make a little EXTRA CASH $$$$ — Calling De Clutter Bug can help you sell your uneeded items at a tag sale or on-line!

Or, we could bring your things to a group in need (at a shelter or other facility) or help you “gift” items that have special meanings/memories.

We are always happy to help “REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE”!
Serving the Northeast USA
From Connecticut to Maine